A tin of homemade vegan-friendly wood balm for wooden wares. Suitable for treating and caring for all wooden food-contact surfaces, including cutting boards, cheese boards, bowls, plates, cups, kuskas, spoons, spatulas, spreaders, and scoops. This balm can absolutely be used to revive worn non-food-contact wooden surfaces as well.


Gives a silky smooth sheen to well-loved wooden objects.


Made from organic solvent-free raw linseed oil and candelilla wax; Nothing more, nothing less. 

Safe for you, your family, baby, and pets.

To use, simply rub a paper towel or cotton cloth gently on the surface of the wax until it warms up, buff it into the dry utensil, and wipe away any excess. Store in a cool, dry place, like your kitchen drawer. No need to wash your hands after use, it's 100% natural and good for your skin.

Available in two sizes: .5 fl oz and 1 fl oz 

Both tin sizes have screw-on caps. The brown kraft paper labels we use are made from 100% recycled materials.