A modern rustic shrinkpot, carved by hand from locally-sourced wood.

This eye-catching and vibrant shrinkpot is perfect for organization and storage around the home.


This shrink pot was carved using hand tools from a piece of freshly cut white birch. When the wood was still green and wet, we loosely fitted the bottom which was enclosed tightly when the wood dried. No nails or glue were used in the construction of this canister. The inside surface of the pot has tool marks from the act of hollowing and shaping the inside by hand. The outside surface of the pot is chipcarved with a ridged texture and geometric shapes, and accented with non-toxic brilliant blue paint. The unpainted interior surface of the shrinkpot has been left unfinished.



5 1/2" at the tallest by 3" at the widest

This shrinkpot is not waterproof. You will receive the exact shrink pot as in the photos.