• A medium-sized eating spoon, carved by hand + knife from local birch wood 🌿 The front-side of the handle of this scoop features a chip-carved surface decoration. The inside of the bowl features a smooth faceted texture.

    Hand carved wooden spoons make wonderful gifts for housewarmings and weddings, as a thank-you to a special someone for their wonderful meals, or as a personal treat for your kitchen.

    We carved this wooden scoop by hand in our shop using traditional spoon carving techniques. We finish our spoons by knife and use no sandpaper during our crafting process. The warm golden light brown wood is smooth to the touch from our homemade vegan-friendly finish of organic solvent-free linseed oil and candelilla wax.



    MEASUREMENTS: 7 3/4" long by 1 5/8" at the widest.