An elaborate codpiece, intricately carved by hand from local poplar wood in our shop in Downeast Maine. Finished with oil paint (including gold on the ridge), hand-hammered copper hardware, and strings made from braided locally spun wool


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This very silly and potentially functional protective garment brought us much giggling and joy during its creation. Created for the color-loving historical reenactor in your life.


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We created this codpiece using traditional handtools from a solid piece of poplar from our wooded land in Ellsworth, ME. The armor-esque surface of the codpiece has been elaborately chipcarved and finished with non-toxic oil paints, including shimmery gold on the ridge. The oustide contrasts with the delicate and subdued handcarved texture on the inside, which has been painted a dark sepia. We made the copper hardware by hand, and braided natural undyed wool to create the straps.


This codpiece is completely one-of-a-kind unique and non-replicable.





7" long by 4" wide by 2 3/4" deep overall. The straps have been made to accomodate approximate sizes from 11" to 28" inseam and up to a 41" waist, although larger side straps can be added if need be.