A large serving/cooking spoon, carved by hand from local maple wood and decorated with an diamond-based kolrosed pattern.


Kolrosing is akin to scrimshaw on wood - a Scandinavian folkart surface decoration technique employing the use of basic knives and finely ground pigment to achieve a pattern or figurative image using finely imprinted lines. In the past charcoal and other dark pigments were used to create contrast, but in modern times coffee is preferred.


We carved this long-handled wooden serving spoon by hand using a process involving traditional spoon carving techniques, including finishing our spoons by knife using no sandpaper. The handle features a continuous freeform geometric pattern that we kolrosed and pigmented with fair-trade, organic coffee. The bowl of the spoon shows our toolmarks with a delicate undulating texture. The warm brown wood is smooth to the touch from our homemade vegan-friendly finish of organic solvent-free linseed oil and candelilla wax. 

You will receive the exact same spoon as in the photos above. Hand wash only and re-oil with flax or linseed oil when needed.



12 1/2" long by 2" at the widest.