A spalted bowl mended with sewn and hand hammered copper wire, handmade from local maple in our shop in Downeast Maine.


We picked up this beautiful piece of spalted maple in coastal Lamoine, Maine which was salvaged from a damaged tree. We shaped and hollowed out the bowl on our lathe and textured the bottom surface of the bowl with a flowing faceted texture using a hook knife. This bowl was turned white the wood was green, and we allowed the shaping to develop while drying to a very slight naturally ovular form. The edge of the bowl is patched with a hand-sewn and hammered thread of copper wire.


The entire surface has been finished with organic solvent-free linseed oil and candelilla wax. This one-of-a-kind bowl is suitable for display or serving dry food.





9" across by 3 1/4" tall overall.



You will receive the same exact bowl as in the photos.